Paul Willis, PE, Art and Math Teacher

Paul Willis has been a life long visual artist, musician and athlete . A natural born child of the arts, he can’t remember a time when he couldn’t create with his hands or vocalize in song. The first sport he ever played was basketball and he has been a sportsman ever since; excelling in soccer, basketball, track and field, distance running and even archery. As a visual artist he holds an instructors position at Masters School of Art based in Clackamas, Oregon.

Paul is a military retiree who served his country for 20 years as a United States Marine. He has specialized training as a communications engineer and an information security technician thanks to his military service. Also, during his time in the military he and his wife home-schooled two older daughters through high school and continue to home school two younger children. He never stopped pursuing his own education while in the military and since moving to the Portland metro area, has earned an Associate of Applied Science with honors in Computer Network Administration with a Network Security concentration and was recently accepted by Portland State University into their History program.

He is excited to bring all of his gifts to bear to further the education of the children at Riverside Christian School in visual art and physical education as well as to help make Riverside the number one choice for students who desire a christian education.