My son is in Kindergarten at Riverside and loves his school, teacher, and classmates. We found Riverside Christian School while searching for a good Christian School in the area. I had grown up going to SDA schools and really liked the foundation they gave me for life. I really wanted that for my kids. When I visited the school on Kindergarten Round-Up Day, I knew this was where he was supposed to be. We were worried about the financial aspect of it and didn’t know if that could be worked out or not. Through applying for a scholarship of sorts and a miracle of God, he has been able to attend. And now he comes home singing songs about Jesus (that I learned when I was his age), already reading books, and talking about his friends. Thank you for this continuous miracle in the life of our son.

-Submitted by a parent

Riverside School is a great investment for your kids. My child is given individual attention and the children are taught Christian values.

– Submitted by a parent.

I highly recommend Riverside School to anyone who wants their children to receive a high quality education along with a good sense of community responsibility. My daughter has attended this school for the past 5 years and every year I am impressed with her performance as well as the level of attention she receives. The small class sizes, along with the passion for teaching the teachers have, create a wonderful learning environment.

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This is a lovely school. The teachers are kind and genuine. My son was in third grade last year and was very happy.

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This is a great school, but even more importantly it is a Christian school. They have have values, and strong morals, and they work really hard to instill good qualities in all the children. I have had both my children in this school throughout their education and have always found the teachers to be kind, loving, strong Christian teachers. My kids learned about Jesus at Riverside and have Him in their lives today and I give kudos to Riverside everywhere I go!

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Riverside Christian School in Washougal is a Blessing to all children who attend and their families. It is a small school with Big values. They have wonderful teachers that give each student individual attention, the teacher to student ratio is a bonus. The students not only learn academics but character-building morals as well. They may not have a fancy sport field or a huge playground but what happens inside the classrooms is amazing. The children are taught accountability, and mentoring of their peers, both younger and older. They say the pledge of allegence every day and they learn about how important it is to have Jesus in their lives. If you’re looking for a great school or if you’re not happy with what you see in the public schools, you owe it to yourself and child to check out Riverside. It was the best decision we ever made.

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Riverside Christian School has been a wonderful school for my daughter. She feels safe and is very happy there. We are thrilled with how challenged and motivated she is academically. I really like the multi-grade aspect of this school, because the kids are worked with on an individual basis. Her teacher is nothing short of amazing! Having 3 grades in one room could be overwhelming as a teacher, but she is very skilled at structure and organization. Because of this, the kids are engaged and respectful. We also really appreciate the spirituality of the school. There is a feeling of joy and happiness at school, with these kids, and that truly comes from Jesus. We are so blessed by this school and can’t recommend it enough!

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