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Swimming Lessons have begun.

We are so excited to be back at the Firstenburg Community Center Pool taking lessons for the next 6 weeks. The kids love it, and it’s yet another great way to stay healthy in the wintertime.

Ice Skating Lessons are over…for now!

Kids who didn’t go skiing or snowboarding learned such great skills on the ice! It’s so much fun to see the progress year to year. And a great way to stay physically active in the wintertime. We are so happy Mountain View Ice Arena was able to remain open, and look forward to more lessons in the future!

Skiing & Snowboarding was a blast!

The kids (and chaperones) had another great year up at Timberline. It is such a great part of our Winter Sports Program! We’re already looking forward to next year!

Week 2 of Adventure Camp…

Wow, I can’t believe our Gateway to Adventure Camp 2018 is over. Week 2 was amazing! We had even more kids attend than week one. This week our focus was on Ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest. We learned about how plants, animals and insects all work together to make our ecosystems function.  There were a couple highlights of the week. On Wednesday, the kids
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Week 1 of camp was a blast!

Gateway to Survival Skills and Environmental Stewardship was a blast! We learned so many things and had so many fun adventures. We started our week by learning about edible plants and bugs found in the PNW and teased the kids that they were going to be required to eat a bug! But they surprised us with enthusiasm for the idea, so that got us
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The salmon have hatched!

If you haven’t been in the school lately, you might want to come in and check out the fish tank in the hallway. There are a couple dozen coho salmon that have hatched and are swimming about.  They will be released into the Washougal River at the Sandy Swimming Hole toward the end of the school year.  It’s a great hands-on learning opportunity for
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September 28 Field Trip, Field Trip, Field Trip…for Pre K!

Pre K parents, please join us for a wonderful field trip to Washougal Library on Wednesday, September 28. One of the librarians will be giving our class a brief tour at 10 AM, followed by story time and a short craft-making session. Every child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian… and we will be leaving the school promptly at 9:45, so be
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STREAMS in the Classroom

The excitement is mounting as the classroom takes shape, lesson plans come together, and friends return. It’s all about the outdoors this year.  We will be venturing into the ecosystem of our campus and surrounding areas.   STREAMS stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Art, Math, and Service.  These are our focus points this year. We look forward to seeing each of you on Monday
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Riverside Reflection – Mother’s Day Edition

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