W.I.L.D. Outdoor Center Learning Lab


W.I.L.D. – Wilderness Innovative Learning Discoveries Outdoor Center Learning Lab

Our W.I.L.D. Outdoor Center Learning Lab is full of natural potential, and is progressing nicely!  The students here at Riverside have spent the past months brainstorming, planning, and cleaning up the outdoor center. Some students and parents held a workbee and got the learning lab up and running with additional improvements to come.  We are so excited about the progress and amazing developments that each week brings. 


The stream is being restored, the garden beds are popping up, and the learning lab is nearing completion.  This has become a major piece to our PBL (Project Based Learning) direction here at Riverside Christian School.

Our summer plans for the W.I.L.D. Outdoor Center are taking shape! Last year we had four fun-filled weeks of STEM and outdoor education at our Gateway to Adventure Camp. Keep checking back to look for this years Gateway to Adventure plans!