School Wide Projects Initiatives

Through our school-wide projects initiatives, we are continually improving our campus as well as developing innovative educational experiences. Take a look at some current plans in motion and some recently completed projects.

Projects in motion:

School Office Remodel

Plans are drawn, permits are passed and over Spring Break we will be begin expanding our front entry and remodel it into a lobby and school reception area! We look forward to greeting our students and visitors in a warm, safe, welcoming way. 


Outdoor Learning Lab

Project-based learning (PBL), Mission Focused Learning (MFL), and Differentiated Learning all happen here!  As our volunteers cleared our land of blackberry bushes, they uncovered a large area PERFECT for the students to solve all kinds of real-life problems, improve their school campus, enrich their learning and develop some 21st century skills.  We came together as a school and remodeled an old shed into an outdoor classroom with an attached deck.  There is still some finishing work to be done, as well as plans to develop an outdoor play area for digging in the dirt, building forts, and climbing.  A stream restoration is in the horizon too!




Finished Projects- Thanks to generous donors and helpful supporters:

A new school sign

It finally happened! Thanks to an amazingly generous donor, our new sign is a source of pride every time we look at it.

Interactive SMART boards in ALL classrooms K-8!

iPads in the classroom

ACCOMPLISHED! We now feature iPads in the classroom! These iPads enhance our STEM initiatives in each classroom, putting technology in the hands of the most important people on our campus – the students.

A new fence to improve safety

DONE! We want to keep our kids even safer. The new fence allows us to block all access to the parking lot and the school.

Future Dream Plans:

A new play field

We have some great ideas for this potential play field. If you’re interested in helping, especially if you’re in the dirt moving business, please let us know.

Indoor gymnasium

Students and parents have shown an interest in having an indoor gymnasium added to our campus. This would be a great addition which would also be a location for our weekend activities to take place such as movie nights, game nights and more!