6th-8th — Mrs. Kruger


heidi-2843Mrs. Heidi Kruger, M. Ed.

Studied at:  Walla Walla University

Favorite Food:  Italian, chocolate

Hobbies:  Reading, drawing, music, alpacas, Brodie (my German Shepherd)

I love learning and as a result, I love teaching!  To explore, collaborate, discover and have the joy of learning new things makes life exciting.

If you walk into our classrooms during the week, you are likely to see some amazing activities going on.  Each classroom has a project wrapping up or in the process.



Science – Technology – Religion – Engineering – Art – Math – Service

That’s our focus this year!  We will be studying our campus ecosystem, developing an outdoor classroom/Makerspace and play area for the school.  We have hands-on, project-based learning to engage our students in real life problems and solutions right on their school campus.

Teacher – StudentIMG_0961

Our teacher to student ratio is low and lends itself to individualized teaching and learning. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and to strive for their very best.  This prepares our leaders to go forward making a difference in their world.

If this sounds like an atmosphere that you would thrive in, we would love to have you join us on our adventure https://cialisfromuk.com/generic-cialis-in-uk/!

Classroom links for students and parents.