Admissions & Forms

 Admission Guidelines

 Riverside Christian School provides a Christ-centered atmosphere, and in that spirit, accepts students seeking an innovative Christian education in full harmony with the standards of the school.

Application Requirements:

  • Students will present transcripts or grades for their last quarter in school as a part of consideration for admission.
  • Students will present current standardized test scores.
  • Students will submit a completed RCS student questionnaire.
  • Students will submit at least two references.
  • Students will complete a formal admissions interview.
  • Students with previous recurrent behavior issues and/or expulsion MAY be accepted upon formal review and completion of a written behavior plan.
  • Those students with special academic or behavioral needs, on 504’s, IEP’s or other specific behavioral/academic plans are entitled to district and state resources and must provide full disclosure upon application for admission. As a private institution, RCS works closely with local organizations to facilitate connection with services and specialists as needed.
  • Citizenship, as cited in the Student Handbook, will be used to evaluate returning students for admission.

 Returning Students

 New Students

 Additional forms (as required)