Tuition and Payment Info

Our Mission

It is our deepest passion to provide a safe, Christian education for any family or child that wishes to attend. And we will do everything we possibly can to help make that happen for you, if you have the desire. We don’t operate the school for profit, or set rates based on the maximum we think the market can handle. We do try to squeeze every last budget item and provide the best possible education for as many children as possible.

The Investment

Our school, our church, and our individual local church members believe so strongly in Christian education that we are the first to make the investment into the school. If you were to take the actual operating costs of the school and split that directly to the number of students, the true, unsubsidized cost is close to $10,000 per student. We are blessed to be able to offer tuition rates that are far, far lower than that, while providing an extremely valuable educational experience. Our current tuition rates are the lowest for private schools in the area.

We understand that it can be a huge financial sacrifice, especially for families with more than one student. Knowing that there is a free option in the public school system makes it even harder sometimes. The end of our mission statement says, “Building Leaders for Life.” This statement highlights our belief that these K-8 years are the foundation for your child. If you believe this, and you want your child to attend Riverside, then please talk to us. Even if you don’t know how the numbers can work, just please come talk to us and let us help figure them out. We’ve seen many miracles happen when the desire is made known and put into His mighty hands.

Financial Aid


Even with the true cost of the education already subsidized, most families still receive additional financial aid. Riverside Christian School utilizes a secure, online grant and aid assessment company called FACTS, to review and recommend a family’s need.  This analysis is then brought to our Finance Committee for review to determine the amount awarded for the current school year. By using this confidential service, your private financial documents are not directly handled by the school.

Go the FACTS to begin the financial aid application.

Tuition Rates & Info

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