Winter Sports Program

Each year, thanks to the support and dedication of our Home & School participants, our students participate in a winter sports program which includes swimming, skiing, some ice skating and other activities that gets them out and about, moving for health.


Swimming at the YMCA is a huge hit.  The lessons are taught by experienced instructors and the students progress at an amazing pace.



Riverside Christian is able to take our students to Mt. Hood for several days of skiing.  Each student is placed in a ski class that matches his/her skill level and encouraged to master the skills of the mountain.  All part of our winter physical education program, getting the students out in the fresh air and nature.

Download, sign and return School Permission Slip by following the link below:

Timberline Ski Lessons Permission Slip 2017

Timberline Price List 2017

Timberline Online Registration Forms  (these are for lesson and equipment rental reservation) Must be completed by February 19, 2017.