Our School

A word from principal Tymi Wright

Riverside Christian School is passionately committed to the academic and spiritual nourishment of your student. For this reason, we are continuously striving to improve our vision, with Christ as our center. Our mission is… to serve our families in a Christ centered community, expanding the thrill of discovery through academic excellence, while building leaders for life. We understand that educating a child requires teamwork. We are greatly blessed with a dedicated and experienced staff committed to partnering with your family to provide academic excellence while developing Christ-like character in our students. School communities are living, breathing, growing entities, so it is essential to see for yourself the excitement that characterizes each day of learning! Come visit us! Experience the thrill of discovery in our beautiful wildlife setting in Washougal, WA.

Principal Wright

Committed to the academic and spiritual nourishment of your student.

Mrs. Tymothi Wright

  • Principal

Mrs. Kimberly Noel

  • Pre-Kindergarten

Mrs. Athena Mason

  • Kindergarten-1st Grade

Miss Megan Weems

  • 2nd-4th Grade

Mrs. Emily Ford

  • 5th-8th Grade

Mrs. Kristina Richards

  • Business Manager

Merrill Caviness

  • Pastor