Riverside Christian School Classrooms

Kindergarten Preparatory - K

Our Kinder Prep Program for children 4-6 nurtures a child’s natural desire to learn and focuses on teaching children to regulate their own emotions, acquire social skills, and function as part of a group.

Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Our elementary grade classrooms are full of life as students focus on using different senses to explore project based learning.

2nd - 4th Grade

Children learn about subjects in a way that uses everyday problem- solving techniques, small group discussion, growth mindset, varied research techniques, and more.

5th - 8th Grade

Students in these grades also heavily focus on project based learning throughout the year, while further developing critical thinking skills. Students obtain essential life skills through service learning and community connections.

Art & Physical Education

Through Physical Education, students learn sportsmanship, basic health principles, team sports, and the joy of physical activity. In Art class, students also find excitement using color, shape, form, and texture through individual creative expression.


Through listening to and creating music, children learn numeracy, literacy and emotional skills. Incorporating music into routines and play in the early years has a positive influence on your child's early development. It can get them moving, thinking and inspire creativity!