Managing through and building resilience during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We’re working to keep people safe and informed about the recent outbreak of COVID-19. We know that as members of our community you may also be experiencing unexpected challenges, and we’re committed to providing as much support as possible.

School Communication Resources

  • RCS On-Campus Social Distancing Policy

    • For Parents:
      • Use gloves or freshly sanitized/washed hands when picking up items
      • (sanitizer may be provided outside school entrance under mailbox, but you can also bring your own)
      • Wear a mask or other face covering while on campus.
      • Ring bell to be buzzed in, then wipe off bell after use.
      • Maintain a 6 ft distance between you and ANY other individual on campus!
      • Touch only the items labeled with your student’s name.
      • Enter and Exit Building Entrance and Campus as quickly as possible.
      For Staff:
      • Can be on campus for a maximum of 2 hours daily to do essential work that is important to
      • keep our school running: office work, emergency maintenance or cleaning, preparing for
      • school lessons.
      • Must wash hands upon entering building.
      • Keep a 6 ft (minimum) distance from other staff, including:
        • - 1 person at a time in the workroom
        • - 1 person at a time at bathroom sinks
        • - 1 person at a time in office area
        • - 1 person at a time in maintenance room
        • - 1 person at a time in main entry area
      • Wipe down any areas that you have used that are commonly used with a disinfectant wipes.
      • Here are some suggestions, but not required:
        • Shoes can carry a lot of germs. Take an extra pair that you have not used in several days to change into at school. (Maybe keep a pair at the school?)
        • If you have been to any other areas before going to the school (such as the store), take off your jacket and hang it in your classroom/workspace. (Maybe have a work sweater or jacket?)
      • Staff can ask parents to pick up items at school following safety protocol below
        • staff must use gloves or freshly washed hands to place items labeled with student names on table in main entry area and allow 72 hours to pass before pickup.
        • wipe down materials/table with a disinfectant wipe if necessary
        • have hand sanitizer/wipes available outside entrance under mailbox
        • buzz parents in one at a time and do NOT leave the office area at any time
        • may open reception window to converse with parents only if you have on a mask and maintain the 6 ft. distance.
        • *Staff can deliver items to students’ doorsteps on a case-by-case basis by request.

  • From the Oregon Conference Office of Education:

    With so many decisions and adjustments being made to protect our communities from Covid-19, we do not want to overlook the emotional toll this can take on a child. Children will react and follow the verbal and nonverbal reactions of the adults closest to them. Because elementary, middle-school, and high-school students do not process information in the same way as adults, they are filtering these emotions and reactions much differently. This can lead to internalizing fears or stress overload. It is important to limit your child’s inputs to true information appropriate for their age-level and to provide positive, reassuring support.

    Links to support your child: Child-through-covid-19

    Elementary Age-appropriate explanation of Covid-19:

    Exercises to Support an Anxious Child:

    • Take a walk outside together, see if you can match the inhale and exhale of your breathing with your steps.
    • Sing together, especially songs that are filled with gratitude and hope.
    • Square Breath
      • Breathe in, to the count of four.
      • Hold the breath for four seconds.
      • Breathe out to the count of four.
      • Wait for four seconds before taking in your next breath.
      • To help your child keep track, show them how to draw a square in the air with their finger, taking four seconds on each side (Roman, n.d.).
    • Balancing on One Foot
      • Tell your child to focus her gaze slightly below eye level.
      • Tell her to stand on one leg and keep her gaze fixed on that focal point.
      • Challenge her to see how long she can stand on one leg like this.
      • Tell her to try the other leg.
      • Challenge her to stay focused while you engage her in conversation, ask her to sing a song, or tell her to close her eyes.
    • Use meal time to practice the five senses, focus on sense at a time
    • Read comforting Bible verses together
    • Pray together
    • Check out this app for providing pauses during the day to reconnect with our creator:

  • RCS Distance Learning: Assessment and Grading Guide

    Assessment & Grading from a Distance

    Standardized (Nationally Normed) Assessments

    Prolonged school closures, and the impact these will inevitably have on our students’ learning, bring up many questions regarding assessments. At this time, the Oregon Conference Department of Education does not recommend that schools continue with standardized testing or any significant summative testing that would impact an overall grade, a decision for placement, or a grade-level advancement. For this reason, the Oregon Conference Office of Education is postponing NWEAMAP Testing until teachers and students can resume learning in a classroom setting

    Formative (Local School-Based) Assessment

    Our primary focus must continue to be on how we can best advance the learning and growth of our students. In order to decide which types of classroom assessments or in-home assessments will be most accurate and effective, we have taken into consideration the following :

    1. Equity. Does the student have the physical space and environment they need to fully engage in assessment? Is the student in a supportive emotional environment to be accurately measured? Does the student have the technology support needed to engage in the assessment?
    2. Integrity. How will the test be proctored and how will the reliability of the results be determined? Is the student allowed access to resources during the assessment and how will the assessment’s integrity be ensured?
    3. Validity. Is the assessment designed to work well in a distance learning format? Is the student regurgitating low-level facts or is he/she demonstrating understanding of higher-level learning? Does the assessment give an accurate picture in time or illustrate a trajectory of growth for the student

    Because we want these factors to weigh heavily in favor of individualized student learning, we will be using regular formative assessments (rather than summative),open-book assessments, one-on-one live virtual assessments, and any other creative ways teachers may discover to evaluate a student’s progress toward proficiency intargeted skills and content, and to guide the student toward focusing on their GROWTH rather than on task completion.


    Closing Third Quarter Grade

    1. basing student grades on what they were learning when we began distance learning
    2. removing late penalties for extended absences or other extenuating circumstances, and creating an equitable time table for any make-up work
    3. making certain each student has the needed technology, information, and environment to reflect personal best on their assignments (if a work product was required after beginning distance learning)

    Fourth Quarter Gradin

    Due to our need to transition to online learning and the variables that this presents, we have very thoughtfully considered the afore mentioned points of Equity, Integrity, Validity and have chosen the following guidelines for grading during 4th Quarter. While the Oregon Conference has made this optional for each school, they strongly recommend this nontraditional EPB system:

    1. We have chosen to use Excelling/Progressing/Beginning for Kinder Prep-4th Grades.
      1. “E” is for Excelling= student is showing a high level of proficiency in many of the targeted skills and content areas.
      2. "P" is for Progressing= student is working toward proficiency intargeted skills and content and may be proficient in some areas.
      3. "B" is for Beginning= student is working on building a foundation for targeted skills and content and has not yet become proficient in any area.
    2. Because of their ability to work more independently, and their teacher’s consistent daily availability in the Google Classroom, 5th-8th Grades will continue to use the traditional grading system of ABCD for most subjects, and the EPB grading system for Music, PE, and Art.

    Rather than focusing on homework or “in-class” assignment completion, or summative assessments to gage student mastery and success, RCS teachers will be providing, creating, and using the following:

    1. Specific instruction and guidance for core subjects (particularly in Math and Language Arts), as well as activities demonstrating student Growth through formal and informal assessments/assignments like RAZ Kids or IXL.
    2. Engagement through daily interactions with subject matter (Bible, Science, PE,Art, Handwriting) using online/physical/home resources...and communication with the teachers themselves.
    3. Optional Enrichment Opportunities such as: crafts, virtual tours, online museum visits, videos, games, Science experiments, STEM activities using household items, etc.


    As was mentioned in earlier emails, we realize these are uncertain times and that some of you are facing layoffs or reduction in work. RCS would like to offer tuition assistance for families in these situations, on a case-by-case basis. In order to be fair in providing tuition assistance, the Finance Committee will be considering each family's situation, as well as the government's plans for economic stimulus and for unemployment benefits.

    Please reach out to me if you have been laid off or your work income has been significantly reduced due to cutbacks at your place of employment OR if you have any concerns related to payment of tuition over the next couple of months. We will do all within our power to ensure that your student continues to receive excellent education at RCS.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 503-997-2619 at any time. I welcome any and all conversations that will help us tobe better tomorrow than we are today. Thanks so much for being a part of this Together As One journey through the unknown

    Love and Blessings,

    Tymi Wright

    RCS Principal

  • RCS Distance Learning Expectations

    March 17, 2020

    Hello, wonderful RCS family!

    By now I’m sure you’ve received the first Distance Learning lesson plans and explanatory letters from each of your student’s teachers and are well into implementing them. I’ve already heard back from parents saying that the process is going smoothly today…and that teachers are incredibly helpful, supportive, and well-prepared. We are SO blessed with talented and committed staff at RCS, aren’t we?

    We had a staff meeting yesterday in order to finalize our current distance learning plans. I say “current” because Washington State policy and new information have been coming to us so rapidly that more changes are sure to happen. 🙂

    What you can expect from us:

    • All teachers and staff will have daily “contact” hours that fall somewhere within the regular school hours of 8 AM to 3 PM M-Th, and 8-12 on Fridays.
    • All teachers will provide an hour during the day/evening (or by appointment, if necessary) for parent contact…as per the schedule below.
    • Lesson plans and activities will provide enough material equivalent to 4 hours of instruction/learning, and are subject to modification based on family scheduling needs.
    • Mrs. Wright will be sending weekly (or more) Principal’s Newsletters to keep everyone updated and connected.
    • Mrs. Richards will be available by appointment at the school from 3:30-5:30 on Monday-Thursday for worksheets and/or school supplies pick-up and drop- off.
    • For health and safety reasons students/children will not be allowed in RCS school buildings during school closure.
    • Mrs. Wright will arrange another deep cleaning of the school before reopening.
    • Teachers and staff will regularly work with parents and students to modify, adapt, accommodate, and facilitate an effective and equitable distance learning process for ALL students.

    What we expect from you:

    • Prompt communication with teachers and other staff when you have concerns or need more information.
    • Honor teacher/staff contact hours if at all possible.
    • Guide your student(s) through lesson plans and activities to the best of your ability and ask questions when needed.
    • Your patience and understanding while we learn together.
    • For health and safety reasons, please do NOT bring students/children into RCS school buildings during school closure.
    • Stay joyful and enjoy this extra time with your beautiful kids…time that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.
    • Your ongoing support and positivity with regard to our incredible RCS school family.

    * If you have any questions or concerns, need your student’s login info, or need to arrange to pick up or drop off student work, etc, please don’t hesitate to contact us during our designated school and after school hours.

    As always, we are committed to providing quality instruction for your students in all of their classroom subjects…and we will continue to do so… from afar. 🙂 There is a huge learning curve for ALL of us in these uncharted waters. Thanks so much for your patience and flexibility as we go through this journey together. Stay safe and sane. I miss you already!

    Much love and appreciation for you all,
    Tymi Wright, RCS Principal

  • We are standing with schools all over the Washington and Oregon who are responding to the current Pandemic! If you have questions about our e-learning programs we are here to help you grow!

    Keep your learning on track!

    Feel free to reach out to us with any comments or questions! Contact Us