Homeschool Link


Teaching your child at home can be one of the most rewarding experiences a family can have. Riverside Christian School supports you in your homeschooling journey with special curricular opportunities that are designed to enhance your child’s homeschooling experience. Whether you are new to home-schooling or are a seasoned homeschool veteran, Riverside Christian School is able to offer participation in a variety of subjects. 
We offer two different options for our Homeschool Link families.
Extracurricular Option: Your child is welcome to attend all extracurricular field trips and after-school programs at our school discounted rates. 
In-class option: Your child is welcome to join their grade-level classroom on Fridays from 8:00-12:00. There, they will participate in the regularly scheduled activities for our students which has a general focus on art and STEM on Fridays. You are also welcome to join all extracurricular field trips and after-school programs at our school discounted rates. 
Each homeschool student is invited to join our school for weekly chapel services, weeks of prayer, study tours, field trips and school events with an accompanying parent.
Enrichment opportunities such as LEGO club, music lessons, snowboarding/skiing lessons, swim lessons and a variety of other options are also available to them. You would just pay the fee that our students pay for the specific event. 
Enrollment includes a one-time registration fee of $50/student and any additional fieldtrip/class fees. Both fees are non-refundable. A list and permission slips for fieldtrips will be supplied by the teacher.
Please call 360-835-5600 for tuition rates for our In-Class option or for any other inquiries. 
Checklist for Participation:
_____ Student Application
_____ Interview with the Principal
_____Consent to Treatment Form
_____Copy of Birth Certificate
_____ Permission slip for activity
If you are interested in learning more about the Riverside Christian School’s Homeschooling options, please contact us
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