Week 1 of camp was a blast!

Gateway to Survival Skills and Environmental Stewardship was a blast! We learned so many things and had so many fun adventures. We started our week by learning about edible plants and bugs found in the PNW and teased the kids that they were going to be required to eat a bug! But they surprised us with enthusiasm for the idea, so that got us thinking (more on that later). We went on hikes through the campus and learned life-saving skills for if they were ever lost in the wild.  Of course it wasn’t all fun and games….oh wait, it was! In the afternoons we spent time cooling off from the blazing sun by having good old water balloon fights and some epic slip-n-slide action. Friday we wrapped things up by reminding the kids that we want to preserve our amazing forests so that generations to come can enjoy them as much as we do now. We celebrated our finale with a buffet lunch of all things that are edible in our area.  Berries of every color, dandelion leaf salad, various other plants and the star of the show…BAKED CRICKETS.  Miss Lindsey jokingly said that she’d eat one if all the kids did too thinking that most of the kids wouldn’t dare to try one. Boy was she wrong!! The kids were fighting over the little critters and so she eventually closed her eyes and popped that little guy in her mouth. She didn’t think it tasted like a French-fry like all the kids did, but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world either! We all can’t wait for week 2 of our 2018 Gateway to Adventure Camp!!  






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